Was browsing the forum and saw this section, so I thought I write a little about my haunt. I have been dreaming of running a haunt since childhood. I designed about 3 of them, but different circumstances prevented me from building my dream.<BR><BR>In February, my daughter (who was 10 months old at the time) was diagnosed with cancer. Gaglioneuroblastoma. My world got tipped upside down. I was willing to do anything to raise money for her fight. A couple weeks later, they said the tumor was benign. Great news! However, the tumor is in her neck and it swelled up and compressed her airway. I spent over a month in the hospital with her in Boston, MA. We live in Vermont. They surgically removed the part of the tumor that was comressing her airway, but when they did they damaged nerves in her neck which affects her swallowing. Now she eats through a tuge surgically implanted in her stomach. Anyway, to see her story and progress, go to <A href="http://www.carepages.com/rowandean">www.carepages.com/rowandean</A>.<BR><BR>Back to the haunt. When I started telling people my interests in Halloween and haunts and said I would like to run a haunt to raise money for her, I got a few people willing to help. But then most of my help backed out. I turnexd to the Halloween communtiy for help and got more people willing to help. I've had a couple people donate props, but only a couple.<BR><BR>Anyway, the haunt is being made as cheaply as possible. The walls are made from pallet wood and cardboard as are most of the props. Corpses are being made out of hot glue and paper mache covered with flooring adhesive and cotton or paper towels. So that's basically it. I'm doing it for my daughter, so, unlike years past, I refuse to give it up this year <IMG alt="" src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/file/smile/biggrin.gif" phpfox="image-protect">
WOW, I hope all works out for you and your little girl, I have three rug rats my self,would do any thing for them , keep up the fath , and do what  i do  when building your props cheep cheep cheep, corpses dont look good when they pull them selfs outof the ground, so lighting is the trick, dark and glumy, use yard light if you can and seran wrap for color filters, makes everything look great, I hope all goes well again, if you need any help with Ideas my be i can help<BR>Rottincorps<IMG alt="" src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/file/smile/emo/blink.gif" phpfox="image-protect">
thats awsome man but i really think about killing everyday <BR>i really want to kill some one and i want to be creative <BR>it would be great to kill people as much as i want<BR>also id kill some one to help ur kid<BR><BR><BR><BR>    sorry im so creepy lol <BR>         hope ur kid is doing good now<BR>              SATAN