<P>Here is part of my front yard display, not much but I love my little skeletons<BR><IMG id=fullSizedImage alt="DSCF0043-2.jpg picture by kelsey1299" src="http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i48/kelsey1299/halloween%202005/DSCF0043-2.jpg?t=1218290001"></P>
<FONT size=4>I got one of these little guys!!Giving me ideas!!</FONT>
those are cool, where did you find them?<br>
<FONT color=#808000 size=2>I've seen those at Target the past couple of years. Thought they were creepy cute but didn't quite no where to put them. Thanks for the inspiration!</FONT>
<FONT size=4>Got mine at Wal*mart for $10.00!!</FONT>
What is realy cool ...I had two and went to Value village last year and there was one that someone had taken apart and jointed for $2.00. So I have three but someone really put alot of time into the last one. I got really lucky! I can take him and put him in any position I want..