<p><font size="3">I was working at my local hospital few months ago, as a domestic cleaner, i had been very busy all morning trying to get as much done as possible before lunchtime. I was about too go into my last bathroom as it had been busy all morning due to patients getting their morning washes etc.. I was approached by a patient on the ward whom had i assumed </font><font size="2"> </font><font size="3">had alzheimers, he asked me were his slippers were , then a nurse came towards us to and said lets check beside your bed and see if they are there. </font></p><p><font size="3">I thought ile just get in the bathroom now that its free , as the nurse was assisting the elderly patient, i was just about to get the door when i seen the back of another elderly gentleman shuffeling into the bathroom with a bottle green dressing gown on, i thought damn! my last one oh well ile just put a few things back in my domestic disposal cupboard, which was about 10 feet away literatly a stone throw away from the top bathroom i was waiting to get in, i put my things away i was a matter of seconds came back to the bathroom, the nurse and patient were there, she said " maybe you left the slippers in the bathroom"? I replyed " oh theres someone in there nurse im just waiting to get in myself" </font></p><p><font size="3">She took no notice of what i said i opened the door to the bathroom. " Theres nobody here she said its empty" I had to look for myself she was right there was nobody there , i thought theres noway that elderly gentleman could have done what he had to do in the time i was gone specially with him shuffeling the way he was.</font></p><p><font size="3">I looked around the ward to fund a gentleman in a green dressing gown in the bays were the gentlemen were there was no sign of him and come to think of it.... i cant remember him been a patient on the ward.</font></p><p><font size="3">I asked all members of staff they didnt have clue but one nurse seen someone entering the bathroom the time i seen him, but didnt think anything of it.</font></p><p><font size="3">I was in a side room later that afternoon and told a patients member of family and thought same as me must have been a ghost, considering both ends of the wards were locked due to the patients care incase anybody decided to escape. Anyway i was in the staff kitchen and the lady i spoke to in the side room came in to see me she had said her sister-in-law had done the nightshift in the sideward with her mother been very ill and she said, that a elderly gentleman came in the room aprox 7.45am that morning and asked" What time is visiting"? S he told him the times and he left.</font></p><p><font size="3">But she discribed him to a T even the shuffle, i was so shocked. That was my first experience of seeing a full bodied ghost lol, ive never seen one since tho. </font></p><p><font size="3">Thanks for reading</font></p><p><font size="3">andrea x</font></p>
<p>Hi Andrea,</p><p>This is Great!<img src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/images/smile/emo/wink.gif" alt="" width="15" height="15" /> I am glad you got to experience this and i thank you for sharing<img src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/images/smile/emo/smile.gif" alt="" width="15" height="15" />i wonder if you could go in with a camera into that ward and take some pictures and see if he  is in any? let us know if you do and you find anything on the film ok?<img src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/images/smile/emo/wink.gif" alt="" width="15" height="15" /></p><p>Have a Lovely Evening!<img src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/images/smile/emo/smile.gif" alt="" width="15" height="15" /></p><p>~Melisa</p>
Wow.... Poor soul wandering the halls of a hospital. At least he's a "friendly" Spirit. I hope he doesn't haunt it for ever .
my son was admited in the hospitol shortly after xmas 2007 as he had developed pneumonia issue with his heart lungs nad his kidney. as where he was rushed into icu and went into cardiact arrest. when my mom and sister had left the hospitol with him just resontly he came out and told them he knew he had a hearttach and that he had seen my mom  mom and she told him to go back and live with your grandma  he also saw the light god and my mom ex bf and my sister neighbor grandmother. he was very alert over this of what was going on around him, he also had a outer body experience as where he had seen the docs with a knife, and he is also now having the rheb call him micheal which is actually his 3rd name but im thinking why now is that do to the archangel michael
<p>Thank you for sharing that with us Andrea, I really enjoyed it.</p><p>I am glad that your first encounter with a spirit person, wasn't a scary one!</p><p>Hugs, Lorraine x <img src="http://www.sinisterspace.com/file/smile/biggrin.gif" alt="" phpfox="image-protect"> <br></p>
<P><FONT size=2>wow,thanks for sharing.<BR><BR>Hospitals and nursing homes are good for this kind of haunt.<BR><BR>mainly cause the person dont know their dead..<BR><BR>having worked in many nursing homes myself,and have experenced alot of these kinds of things. My fav incounter is,a room call light would go off at the same time of nite,every nite.<BR><BR>But,the room was on a hall that wasnt being used at the time. <BR><BR>I worked in the laundry when i was 15,would go down the hall to check to see maybe someone had gotten down the hall,and was messing around with the call lights..UMMM,nope....the room was empty..<BR><BR><BR></FONT></P>