As far back as he could recall, Lucas had loved seeking out the unexpected and the bizarre. Anything that made his hair stand on end thrilled him to no end. But nothing could prepare him for what he discovered when he stumbled across the deserted carnival in the middle of nowhere. The ripped and faded banner at the front entrance, swaying lazily in the slight breeze, proclaimed this to be the Cirque de Diablo. Lucas remembered hearing whispered rumors of the carnies’ bizarre past and there were unverified stories of people entering its gates who were never to be heard from again……

Follow Lucas as his journey into Darkness unfolds in the new Vampiric CD "Damnations Embrace" from Haunt Rocker, Jerry Vayne.

Track Listing:
Phantoms of the Midway
Cirque de Diablo
Midnight's Entanglement
Cavern of Shadows
Blood Ritual
Death's Goodbye
Sin or Salvation
Suffer The Soul
Bewitching Hour
Moonlight's Lament
Looking Glass
Damnations Embrace
Dark Pandemonium (bonus track)
Zombie Stomp (bonus track)

Listen to 16 mesmerizing tracks as the fate of Lucas unfolds. Also features NEWLY recorded & remixed versions of "Dark Pandemonium" and "Zombie Stomp" originally from the CD "RFR Presents: Dark Pandemonium "A Descent into the Labyrinth of the Mind".

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Produced by Jerry Vayne & Jonathan Johnson.
Story written by Jerry Vayne with Sean Patrick Thompson
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