As a new member to a new online community site, I thought I'd post some of my first impressions of the site for the site developer(s?) in the hopes to help them make the site better.
I don't know what you're using to make this site - do you have control over the code? I'm going to assume that you do for the following. If this stuff is beyond your control, then my apologies. (As a side note, I'd like to hear a little bit about the technologies behind SinisterSpace, if you don't mind sharing.)
<ul><li>The HTML markup for the personal pages could be a lot cleaner, which would make it a lot easier for people to style their pages with the CSS feature. For instance, it's practically impossible to style the "My Comments" header for the comments section because there's no way to select it (or if there is, it would require some obscure CSS-selector-fu). Just sticking some id tags in relevant places would go a long way towards making things easier. It would also be nice to be able to select the author's own comments on a page for distinctive styling.</li>
<li>The email notifications I receive of new comments, posts, etc., have links in them which aren't clickable, at least in the email clients I use.</li>
<li>I'm apparently stuck with 7 new comment alerts. How do I reset them back to zero? When I click on the notice, it takes me to a page that will let me "delete" the comments, but all I want to do is flag them as read. (And if that page really just flags them as unread, then the directions need a little attention.)</li>
<li>Finally, it would be nice to be able to upload PNG files for our gallery entries and avatar images in addition to JPG's and GIF's.</li></ul>
Anyway, please take these as constructive suggestions - I'm not trying to slam you here. Just thought if they were easy to address, they would be some nice tweaks for the community members.
I appreciate the input.
We will do what we can to improve as quickly as possible.
Thanks much.
First, thanks for creating this site. Generally, it looks very good.
I'd like to see apostrophes removed from all plurals that aren't possessives. For example, it should be "Turn Ons" rather than "Turn On's," and so on.
As a published author, I am very sensitive to how easy it is to overlook typos in your own work. But, apostrophes like those make me wince, and they can make a site look far less professional.
Also, I would like to choose which profile items appear. I'm not ashamed of my age; it's part of why I can claim to have completed well over 30 years of research in this field. However, I'd be happier without labels like my age next to my photo. Age-related discrimination is as under-recognized as weight-related discrimination... but both are still very real in some communities.
I quite like this site. It's still in it's baby stage, but it already has alot going for it. The Myspace importer made the transition so much easier! The Halloween theme is an excellent choice, and the main guy is so much cooler than Tom. Thanks Larry. :)
My suggestion is to broaden the variety of music. lol
And I'm used to changing my display name...alot. lol I can't figure out a way to do that.
<b><i><font color="darkred">When I first joined this site, I was very impressed. I was hanging around Caverns Of Blood & read about this place in the forums, so I decided to check it out. I love SinisterSpace. Designing your profile is much easier than it is on MySpace, there are more interesting & fun things to do here, you don't have to wait until you've had your account for about 7 days before you can participate in the forums or anything & the people here areway cooler. I'd like to see more stuff on this site. Things MySpace & most other sites don't have that'd be really awesome for SinisterSpace, which all of us would enjoy. I think I've definitely found my place on the web & it's right here!</font></i></b>