Hi all! My name's Tommy and i've started a new label bringing out horror/halloween-themed music on cassette & digital so hopefully some of you will be interested in this :)
The first releases are from Canadian horror-EDM producer Ghoulshow my own horror-themed drum & bass/drumstep. Later in the year we have a release coming out by Werewolves In Siberia who makes John Carpenter/Goblin-influenced synth-music, a charity compilation for Bat World Sanctuary and a free compilation of haunt music.
The first cassettes are out July 29th but available to preorder now for an instant download of Ghoulshow's sci-fi-stomper "Zeta Crash Landing" or my horror-surf-dnb track "Death Beach"
If any bloggers are interested in reviewing either of the releases, let me know and I can send you an advance copy of the download/stream :)