Sinister Space is working on getting back on track! As Facebook has gotten popular and spammers have targeted our site, many of our thousands of members have chosen to use our site primarily for messaging and utilizing their profiles, while not really using the blogs and forums.
In the past we have been a great destination for Halloween, paranormal and horror, we want to work to make a comeback in the coming months.
We have recently conducted many tweaks and upgrades on our site and will continue to do so. Time now to get more members posting! Please come back and post!
COMMUNITY LEADERS WANTED! We are looking for a few community leaders / admins / moderators to help completely help get this site back on track! If you are interested, please come back and become publicly active for the coming week or two on the site and demonstrate a little devotion. Community leaders must be active, honest and want to have fun and kick some butt in re-shaping the site. With a small group of volunteers we can build the site up and chase the spammers away!
Remember that our rules are not tight. We have a lot of freedom at Sinister Space. We encourage you to promote anything Halloween / Horror / Paranormal / Haunt related.
Please stop by every day and make a post or two. We would love for you to come back and help us re-build the site to what YOU want! See you soon: