Good Day !!
Ahhh hem ... Hello, all of you mortals and fellow slime molds, denizens of the depths. My name is Lord Grimley and I am the boss so to speak, the proprietor of Lord Grimley's Manor. Yes, I am also dead, buried, and crazy as a coot.
I send my minions all over the swamps and bayous, hillocks, glades and forests of this great land looking for really fantastic Halloween masks, props, corpses, and the dearly departed. Then we ship them all back to the manor, located in the swamps of southern Louisiana, and cram them like Transylvanian bats into the smelly bowels of our catacombs. There they wait .. wait for your viewing pleasure ...
You are always welcome, if it tickles your fancy, to swing by and sit a spell. Have a cup of iced tea while you dodge the ridiculously large mosquitoes, and swat at small goblins sucking on your toes. We'd love to have you.
Yours truly till the end,
Lord Grimley