October 31st Mr. Frights will unveil his new short zombie flick in an online premiere.
The movie will go online at 12pm eastern time and there will be a live chat from 3pm - 3:30pm with Mr. Frights and the cast and crew of the film.
The chat is available now, and Mr. Frights will be on and off throughout the day of the premiere and during the scheduled live chat.
http://www.mrfrights.com/gnaw.htmlAbout the movie:
This short zombie flick comes in at just over 7 minutes, starring Brian Spangler & Tara Kilian, with J.D. Larabee and a surprise appearance by Sydney Lewis.
Based on true events with a touch of irony and some added horror creativity, you'll feel the tension build to the ultimate climax showing why wives and girlfriends shouldn't mess around like that because it could come back on you... ;)
The original score produced by Parker Wiksell and Charles Mallory turns up the tension and gets high marks from everyone who has seen it so far.
The behind the camera team, Dave Szymusiak, Jerod Brennen, Max Groah, Cori Grantz, J. Aaron T. Sinclair, Amy Scott, & Suellen Kasiara, did an incredible job putting this thing together, so I hope you'll join us for this fun little Halloween event!