During our recent conversion, some member's customizations could not be converted to our new system.
We cannot provide support for the customization of your profile.
There are so many things that you can do. These features are very similar to those found on Myspace.
We strongly suggest to experiment with customizing methods. We hope to provide more information and tutorials in the future.
Go to Profile>Customize Profile
You can change what blocks show up on your profile, colors, background design and more.
Once you make changes, you can click on CLOSE in the customization section to exit.
Feel free to share suggestions here.
Last update on June 13, 7:21 pm by larry.
I am having a lot of trouble moving blocks on my profile. If you look at my profile it will show that all the blocks are on the right side! I can get the about me block to move to the left side. It's driving me crazy. How can I fix this? Any suggestions?
I am guessing that it may be the code from one of the items in one of the sections that is causing the problems. It only takes one bad tag to mess things up.
Yea, I am having loads of issues with the whole blocks things. I cant even design my own profile or add different colors and such.
It is very different and similar to the newer myspace 2.0 designer. It is recommended that you explore the entire customize section and experiment.
As you know, many sites have started blocking certain types of designs as it opens security risks for users as online security threats have evolved.
I am having the same problem again. I can't get any of the blocks to move from the left side of my profile. I have taken out all the code, deleted cookies in my browser, and even hit the reset button on the profile editor. Please help!
Do you have any add-ins from other sites that you have added to your profile? Chances are it is broken code somewhere.
yes, from playlist.com but I have tried to delete the code, it looks empty in the block, then I reload the profile, and it's still there.
I just sent you a personal message