the intensive cultivation, strengthening the terminal sales network construction. Only in this way can become the industry's strongest building integrated ceramic brand. For the selection of new products released at the end of the year, He Xinming said: "Dongpeng's goal is to become 'thousands of pottery' integrated strong brand, the complex involved in the antique brick market, is to meet the overall strategic layout Dongpeng."
He specific Explained that the new year's plan not only need to complete the business, but also need to agents Dongpeng dealer support, has introduced new products in line with market demand. To consumers more choices, but also to promote the brand dealers have more confidence, together to achieve strategic objectives. Coup III: Marketing Training February 2, Hing Fai Ceramics "light space" 2007 Dealer Marketing Summit in singing and dancing in the joyful atmosphere.
"The main purpose of holding the annual dealer meeting is to summarize the past year to further enhance the brand in the terminal market next year, fighting, and hope that through marketing training, so that the dealer's business ideas clearer, more targeted, End consumers to provide quality service. "Xing Hui ceramic marketing manager Deming held annual marketing summit of the dealer and hired marketing experts to train dealers to make such an explanation.
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