<FONT color=#ff6600 size=3 face="times new roman,times">  What will you be dressing up as for halloween? I myself am gonna be an original Grim Reaper. I won't be carrying a scythe but I might carry if I can find one a lifesized skeleton or a severed head. I am going with the concept that Death kills you with a touch and sheperds the souls of the dead to their respective afterlives. I just got to find a costume to complete my look. Let me know what all of you are being for halloween. I am GRAVELY interested. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!</FONT>
<FONT color=#ff6600 size=3 face="book antiqua,palatino">On the big night Im wearing a ridiculously sexy angel costume and carrying a playboy that will have an original playboy cover but with my picture on it and a centerfold inside it with me (but not showing anything) and the theme is "Angel is a Centerfold" I like to jazz it up and get creative. I dare anyone to enter a costume contest with me!!</FONT>
<FONT size=4>I will be a zombie as always and the lovely Weezee will be a vampress!!!Bite me baby!!</FONT>
I still have no idea what i should be yet and i need to hurry cause its next week<br>
<FONT face="book antiqua,palatino">Myself<BR><BR>The darkest of all Vampyres  </FONT>
Well since Halloween is on a Sunday, I Plan on dressing up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.<BR><BR>I have one of my three costumes planned:  Fry from Futurama, and my friend is being Bender.
I already plan on going as the Devil Lady.....:thumbup:
I am having a vampire themed party so some kind of vampire. I have a witch costume that has a pretty nice gown. I'd like to see if I can work it up to be more vampish.
I really like blooded vampires attire, graveyard and some zombie decorations. Anything that will look scary and fun.
I was originally planning on being a washed up Ang from Avatar The Last Air Bender. I shave my head already so I just needed to paint the arrow tattoo on and get some orange cloth to wrap around (on top of regular clothes or something). But then I'd be walking around the yard like a drunk asking people who came by if they wanted to see me "air bend" then squeezing a whoopy cushion then walking to the bushes and asking if they wanted to see me "water bend".
After some thought though it seemed it might be better to don the make-up and go as Mr. Frights! Not sure why that wasn't my first instinct. Still getting used to the part I guess.
I'll be doing the Halloween Gypsy fortune teller/medium costume this year - it's easy and comfortable to move around in. Since I'll be hosting a Halloween party that night with the theme of Ghost Stories and Fortune Telling, it also works with that.