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I hate writing to me to get to know me!
RIP Ed Warren

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The Man In the Iron Mask, Halloween, Army of Darkness, Pirates of the Carribean, Poltegeist, Road Trip, Half Baked, Liar Liar, FaceOff, Tombstone, The Matrix, The Saint, American Psycho, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter 1-4, Scream 2, Spiderman, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Lost Boys, Jawbreaker, Wolf Creek, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Love Stinks, Hush, Fever Pitch, War of the Worlds
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By Anne Rice Cry To Heaven The Vampire Lestat Lasher Taltos By John Grisham The King of Torts The Rainmaker The Summons A Boy Called It Dave Pelzer The Harry Potter Series JK Rowling LOTR Trilogy and The Hobbit JRR Tolkien In A Dark Place The True Story of A Connecticut Haunting Ed and Lorraine Warren
reading, writing, collecting living dead dolls, lighthouses, horror movies, dragons and faeries..forensics, psychology
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racism, sexism, homophobes, George Bush, hurricane Katrina, rednecks, ignorance

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androgyny,bisexuality, bitemarks, biting, blood play, bondage, boys in eyeliner, burlesque, candles, castles, corsets, crazy people, dancing, de sade, demonology, dita von teese, dolls, dragons, dreams, edgar allan poe, faeries, fantasy, fetish, fishnets, forensics, gargoyles, ghost hunting, ghost photography, ghosts, glitter, gore, grave stones, graveyards, halloween, harry potter, hauntings, HIM, horror movies, insanity, kinky, knee high *******, lace, leather, leonard cohen, licking, living dead dolls, long hair, lord of the rings, magick, making out, mark ryden, michael myers, murderdolls, mythical creatures, new orleans, new york, paganism, pain, paranormal,photography, piercings, psychology, punk, rock, pvc, rain, random thoughts, reading, rose mcgowan, rough sex, sarcasm, satin, scary stories, serial killers, sex, stars, stompy *******, stripy tights, synthetic hair, tall guys, tattoos, tequila, supernatural, thunderstorms, urban legends,vampires, vinyl, warlocks, witchcraft, wm3