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I was thinking about Death, and the pros and cons of different types of burial/interrment/final resting place. So here are my thoughts on the different methods used after you've gone to the big diner in the sky. Burial: Mmm...comfy Pro: -Your family and friends can visit you. -Your body is biodegradable. You can give back to the planet. -The silky inside is comfortable. Hey, vampires do it! Con: -Two words: Buried. Alive. -Your body in the ground, rotting. -It's expensive. Cremation No talking urns? I'm disappointed. Pro: -Quick. -Perfect for pyromaniacs. -It's cheaper than burial. And it's warmer. Con: -Be a real bitch if you're not dead. -It's hot. Really hot. -You could end up gathering dust on the mantelpiece. Taxidermy Boo! Pro -You get to frighten people. -You're useful in the carpool lane. -You'd be a great burglar deterrent. Con -If not done right, body smells. -Could end up stuffed with pot pourri. -Will be used as scratching post by pets. Cryogenic freezing Cryo-freezing! Also good for cooling beer. Con -Your friends and family will all be gone. Pro -Your friends and family will all be gone. So that is it. The pro's and con's of the different methods of burial.
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no taxidermy for me.