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im adding more this year!!!! Ill have to use the neighbors yard next!!!
What he said lol
Always eeevil kill kill kill muhahaha
It took me 3 weeks to set up this year and be ready to open the 1st of Oct.I need to downsize,my yard is full!!! I already bought 3 props in Jan. for the 2015 season!!Hows things with you???
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Morton Toombes
wow ! thats insane... not sure if I'm even gonna be able to do anything this year, changing jobs so may not get the time off and getting help is getting harder each year..everyone wants to come play but can't get them to help out a little..
  • May 30, 2015
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Morton Toombes
Hey there... i know your ready for the grand affair Mr Digger!(and friend)
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